Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Let's see if the picture loader is working better?

Hi Everyone! Nana hasn't posted for awhile because she was getting a little annoyed with the picture uploader thingy here on Blogger. It was taking forever to get pictures on my blog. Without pictures, what is the point, right? Well, I am on on the hubs' new computer, so let us see if that works better. (update: it didn't load any faster, so can someone tell me what to do?)
My tablescape is a cheater one this week (actually, I have had this up since right after Easter), it is the no dish look. I am going to try and be better about posting, but like I said I was having trouble. (I also forgot to take a black and white one, which I started doing with my new camera- oh, well, if I remember next week before I tear it down, I will get one!)

 I love the look of the flowers, fake or not!

As always, have a great Tablescape Thursday! Thank you, Susan for all the fun at Between Naps on the Porch

(If anyone can help me with the picture uploader, let me know!)

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Marlis said...

Okay save your photos in a smaller size.. I usually go to the smallest JPG I can get by with.. many photo software programs have a save for web option and that might just do the trick.. good luck. Your table looks really pretty. I loved the spider mums! Many blessings, marlis