Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nana's birthday fun!

Nana had a birthday last week and it was a really happy one! I have decided to just embrace birthdays instead of dreading them (I am all for looking as young as possible too, though! Which reminds me- don't you think Grandmas are getting younger and younger looking every day? hehe)
Hubs and I decided to drive to Orlando (75 miles)and stay overnight and spend my birthday just hanging out in Orlando- no, no theme parks this time- there is still a lot to do over there. When we got there we decided to have dinner at a trusted spot that we love- Chilis! Can't go wrong there! We stayed at Ramada Inn- well a former Ramada Inn- it had changed hands- and I got a good price at hotels.com . The next morning we had our coffee- which, sorry, we have to bring our own because we don't trust away from home coffee too much! So spoiled! I had brought a few breakfasty things, so we just kinda snacked through breakfast and we headed to the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe Roman Catholic Church. When I looked it up online, I discovered that before the Basilica was built, Masses were held at different hotels and even at Disney World for the travelers! Isn't that awesome!

This is Hubs looking at the memorial wall.

The courtyard.
The birthday girl- 40-12 or 30-22?

A close up  of the carved door above.

Lots of prayer candles!

Then on to shopping (right next door, actually!)

Then we had lunch at Fuddruckers- yum! And it had been raining the whole weekend and was still sprinkling and Hubs said, "so what do you want to do? It is raining." I said, "I still want to go to Downtown Disney." I don't think he was too happy, but he took me! It stopped raining shortly after we got there and he got a new hat to add to his collection and we sat and had a nice cup (yes, nice) of coffee.

This is Buzz and Woody made out of Legos (Legos and Toy Story have a special place in this Mama/Nana's heart- Baby Boy (BB) loved them both when he was little and so does JR now- yes, I cried at Toy Story 3)
The birthday girls- Lil Mama's birthday is 3 days before mine.
The grand boys!
Grampy (Mr. Nana) and SJ.

The son in laws and Mrs. D

We had our own cakes!
It was a great birthday!

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