Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Like a Tourist!!!

We took a little 2 mile trip to the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks for a little family outing. Anytime we go anywhere together, it is a good time. I can just sit back and watch the kids and grandkids interact all day long. It is so fun and entertaining and at the same time so awe-inspiring to think that God chose US to be THEIR parents and grandparents. Awesome,huh??? I certainly don't deserve to be blessed like I am.
Here we are just walking and enjoying the crowd and weather. (sidebar:The sign to the left is for a lovely little soap shop. Handmade soap to die for and I also bought and am in love with their moisturizer)

Just a little marina scene.

Grampy and Steven (Steven makes the best faces- his mom is a photographer, so he does a good job at cheesing it up and Nana loves it!!!

We generally go to a restaurant on the Docks (Greek of course) and share our meals. We had a delicious meal this day!!
 Then we went to the little aquarium. 

Steven was very engaged (his teacher said she wished she had a classroom full of Stevens- I totally understand that!!!)

I remember when I first moved to Florida as a young child, the pelicans were so interesting. Still are!)

The kids all loved watching the Pelicans too.

We really went here for Grampy, but they didn't have his "brand".
Family time is the best!!!

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