Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Niece's First Holy Communion

First off I have to say- why can't I be a good little blogger and post more often!! Wow- 2 months+! Oh,well, at least I keep it going. I think I am on year 4 or so- not bad for me!!

Being a convert to the Catholic faith for just 10 years now, I haven't really been to many First Communions. Back in May, we were blessed to attend our Great Niece, Kaelyn's First Holy Communion. She is our niece by marriage and her Mother's family is Catholic so Kaelyn has been brought up in the Catholic tradition. I told her dad, Justin, that I am so thankful they made such a great time of this most important event. BTW- the church also became my new parish when we moved last year.


I was in a terrible spot to get a good picture at the best moment, but what can I say??

Kaelyn with Father Joe

Sweet family picture.

I told Justin that he would blink and she would be wearing a different white dress at the church!!

Kaelyn and her mom, Kathy.

Everything was so beautiful.

Gracie with her "other" Grandma. We lovingly call each other "Gramma".

Kaelyn was very happy to see her cousin, Johnny.

Kaelyn was a very gracious Guest of Honor.

Beautiful cake

Johnny hit the dance floor as soon as the music got going. 
To God be the Glory!!

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