Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thrifty finds!

I went to the Salvation Army yesterday- it was one that I don't get to too often, so I had to on my way home from a family lunch. I found 4 Christmas glasses .39 each some stemware for .59 each, a white pitcher, a milk glass type fruit dish, and a silver soap dish! Go me! And today I had Bath and Body Works coupon, so I picked up a couple stocking stuffers and then I took my 2 JoAnn coupons and got a sweet little white pumpkin teapot for 70% off and a sewing mag for 40% off and a cutting mat for my scrapbooking table. I didn't do bad. I can't be spending too much with my daughter's wedding coming up!! (More blogging on that later, I am sure)

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