Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nana goes nuts- gets a puppy!

I have been wanting a little purse puppy- which is crazy, right? I am not a dog person- I have totally freaked out my family, but I have a near empty nest so... a girl at work had a mini-schnauzer that had just had puppies. I heard her talking with one of my other co-workers and I don't know what possessed me, but I asked her if she had any puppies left. She had one left, but a lady was coming to look at it the ncxt day. So, a week or so passes and whew! she had all the puppies taken- but for some reason I couldn't get the puppies out of my mind-(and hubby asked me about the puppies every day too!) they were going to be little- the picture I saw was so cute... oh, well, the last thing I needed was a puppy. Then another week later- my phone rings and it is my co-worker- the last puppy was never picked up- was I still interested? Um, ok, I will come over and see it (who was I kidding, I was bringing that thing home- she had a name already!)

I picked up little Co Co and she fell right to sleep in my arms. Her mom was a pretty little mini-schnauzer and her dad was a chihuahua- so hopefully Co Co will only be about 10 pounds. She is so cute- and the boys also fell in love with her, including our lab/shepherd mix, Beau.

So 5 weeks later, she is still small, eating like a little piggy and getting pretty close to house trained. (I use the crate-training system during the day, but at night, we need some sleep!) Don't laugh, but I actually sleep with her sometimes- shhh, don't tell Beau- he isn't allowed on my bed!!) So here are a few pictures of her- don't worry, I have tons and tons of pictures of my grandson on Facebook, so no guilt here! Ok, I will put a few here too!


Cute or what???

Here are my 2 baby boys!

Here is my grandson, and my new grandson to be (our son in law to be's litte guy- we have adopted him already!) oh, and Santa!
Ok, now the guilt is over and here are the pics I have of our new family member!

Here is Co Co with my son- she was born Dec. 8, 2009, so she is about 6 weeks old here after we first got her.

She is getting bigger- she is so cute, isn't she? She pulls off the Chihuahua ears, pretty well.

Co Co is very smart too, she actually climbs up this chair and has since we first got her, but... she can't get down! This is her "play pen"!
"Help, I can't get down!" Beau helps her down every once in awhile!
She is going to have a little of the Schnauzer coloring- a pretty gray color.


Mary said...

You have a beautiful family and Coco is s scene stealer. I'm sure she'll bring you much enjoyment. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Tammy said...

CoCo is sooo darn cute....but Johnny wins the cutest award (next to my grand kids of course)...