Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Menu for this week and what I actually made last week!

Totally forgot to post my Menu for last week, not that anyone cares, but it does help me. I notice if I actually post it on my blog- "I have a plan"!

This week:
Monday- Chicken Picatta, rice and peas
Tuesday- Cobb Salad
Wednesday-red beans and rice
Thursday-Chicken in the crockpot
Friday-Tilapia/Shrimp baked potatoes
Saturday- Tacos and Margaritas
Sunday- Busch Gardens so I prob won't cook

Last week I made hamburgers, tacos, baked spaghetti, greek salad pitas, pork tenderloin in the crock pot (just put that baby, frozen, yes, frozen in the crock add some water, spice it up (garlic, s+p, rosemary a little oil and some soy sauce- cook it on high for a few hours then switch to low, then about an hour before you eat, add a couple of TBLS of flour and water to the bottom and stir real good for a great gravy), shrimp, chicken in the crockpot (and made some nice chicken broth in there the next couple of days- just add water to the "chicken juice" and wings and some bones in the bottom and let it simmer for a day or two- then strain- I freeze mine in the large mouth mason jars)
I share this on Menu with I Am An Organizing Junkie's Menu Monday- she has hundreds of entries- I need to make it a point to pick one new thing to try every week!

Have a Blessed Week cooking for your family! (I know it is hard work sometimes, but it is so worth it!)

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