Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week at Nana's blog!

I won a Giveaway!

Well, kinda! Only 2 of us entered! It was over at Mr. Goodwill Hunting I love that name for a blog- so cute! Anyway, he was giving away 11 cobalt blue plates. In order to win, we had to send him a picture of a Tablescape that we wanted to use the cobalt ones with so I entered:

Then Mr. GWH posted them on his blog to have his readers vote. Well, there weren't many voters (I actually didn't win by popular vote :~( but we both had told Mr. GWH that we would share if we won, so he ended up splitting them! Cool, huh? I don't need 11- I only do my Tablescapes for fun and my own enjoyment and I get a kick out of Between Naps on the Porch's Tablescape Thursday. So, I need 4, that is all. I have entered a lot of Giveaways, but this is the first one I have won. Maybe if I get up to 100 followers, I will have a giveaway too! Fun!

Half price thrifting
This really good thrift store by me has a half price sale every Tuesday from 4-7. My sister and I met up there at 4 this week - I hadn't been able to go before due to work schedule(note to self, next time go at 3:15)and the place was packed- people were wheeling around carts that were stacked and overflowing! The line we waited in was crazy long. I bought some candles,a big huge canvas bag for groceries (I was using reusable bags before it was cool- hate the plastic, so I buy them when I can find them cheap)and honestly right now I can't remember what else I bought! I didn't buy but a few things, but I did good, and I will go back!

Good deals at a church rummage sale
I was passing by a church rummage sale and the sign said 9-1, guess what? It was 5 minutes to 1! I stopped and of course they were starting to pack up. I was kinda glad as I figured there might be a deal or two to be had. I bought 6 dinner cloth napkins (in blue- hoping to use them with my new cobalt plates), a table runner, a notebook, a bag of candles, a pair of sheers for my living room window and 2 end tables (originally priced at $10 each)- total cost $8! Not a bad dealio! So I went home, and cleaned out the 2 cabinets that I was using for end tables, what a mess, but it looks so much better. You never know what you can find.

Busch Gardens

I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Sunshine State, having all my kids close by and also some beautiful tourist attractions within a very short drive. Combined all three today- well not so much the Sunshine part- but we all went to Busch Gardens- it was a little overcast, but with the nice breeze it was the perfect weather! We had a great time! We got home about 20 minutes before the torrential downpour that we have been having for several hours now. The fun will continue- for Mothers Day (the day after actually) we are all going to Disney World (they have these great Florida Resident deals right now!) It will be great!

Here is hubby and I at Busch Gardens today! (No we didn't realize we were both wearing red! Funny!)

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Debbie said...

I am so glad I figured this were the other contestant with my Mom on this giveaway. I know it may sound petty, however both of you were the only participants, took the time and energy to do so. Did you ever receive anything? Well I did a post on it, I did not however mention his name. But he has ignored any and all correspondence from me. Just not right in my humble opinion, why do that to fine ladies out here? If you could let me know...I promise I will not mention you or anything to do with it. Thanks. Debbie