Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost forgot to do my Menu!

I decided to see if I could possibly get away with shopping for one month at a time. Why? You should see my checkbook- 75% of the entries are to Publix. What the heck? It has to be cheaper to go one time- so what I did- I made a list of 20 dinners that I make and I made sure I had everything for it. I had a freezer full already as we bought a 1/4 cow and quite a bit of chicken back before the holidays. So we will see if this scheme works.

This is what we are eating this week:


Tuesday- chicken wings

Wednesday- navy beans with ham left from Easter in the crockpot

Thursday- I am having Mexican out for Mom's Night Out- boys will probably have a pizza

Friday-shrimp or tilapia

Saturday- we are eating at my daughters and having Spinach pasta (except my husband who isn't a fan)

Sunday- Roast in the crock pot

We eat oatmeal for breakfast during the week and on weekends usually eggs. For lunch we have sandwiches or I eat at work or when I go to my daughters we will get a greek salad or Chick Filet.

Have a great week!

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