Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tightwad Tuesday

I just thought Tightwad Tuesday sounded like so much fun. I know there are other blogs that call it that too (I am a big copycat). Well, maybe Tuesdays I will just write about my favorite Tightwaddery stuff! I do like a certain thrift store that has all their clothes for .50 on Tuesdays. Went there last Tuesday and really made out well. Bought several tops and a pair of those tight biker shorts (not sure what they are really called- but I wear them instead of a slip (I only wear dresses and skirts, except to work). I also bought 4 boxes of those latex examination gloves- I like them for cleaning and when handling that nasty raw meat. Speaking of thrift stores, I went to one of my favorites yesterday since I was by there. I did well there too. I am trying to keep my clothes budget at $30 a month, so I better take it easy!! I am a big fan of thrift store clothes. I can't stand to spend money on clothes. I do some sewing and it irks me to pay top dollar for clothes. I am not a professional person and I don't need more than a few nice things- the rest of the time I am happy as a clam wearing a jean skirt with a comfy top (big fan of 100% cotton). Another thrifty thing I do is I make cloth diapers and I will use recycled clothes and whatever for them (more on that later if anyone cares!) I gotta go to bed!

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