Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wacky Wednesdays

Ok, I will write about the wacky stuff I do on Wednesdays! I mentioned the cloth diapers- well, my daughter is due pretty much any day now with grandson#1 (grandchild#1 for that matter) and for some (wacky) reason- I took up making diapers for him. I don't know how it happened or why- but I absolutely fell in love with making these (wacky) diapers! They are so cute! I even joined Sewyourowndiapers yahoo list!! Crazy or what? Believe it or not, there are other women out there just as wacky as me!!! I guess I am kinda green, or crunchy or whatever the PC term for caring about the natural stuff. Disposable diapers, let's face it are NASTY! What's in them?? Who knows? I certainly wouldn't want to wear paper underwear, would you?? Cloth has to be better. When my kids were babies, I did cloth diapers- not exclusively, and honestly, at that time, didn't think much of the landfill (which can you imagine- ugh!) but now with at least a zillion and a half more in the landfill since then- yuck! So, I know- you are thinking- this wacky woman- what about washing those diapers? Well, the good ol' internet has tons of info on washing them (I guess "green" is in!) basically, you plop the poo in the toilet and put them in a cloth-lined laundry hamper (one with holes)and every 2 days you throw the liner the diapers and everything into the washer- rinse, hot wash, extra rinse and voila! That is it- no yucky soaking (unless it makes you feel better). So, speaking of wacky- I also gave my daughter the gift of me doing her diapers for her! What the heck- she isn't completely sold on the idea, but as long as I do them while I am staying with her- ok!! Imagine the money saved! I also bought her some nice cloth diapers off ebay! On the sewing list I also got a good laundry detergent recipe- more on that on some Tightwad Tuesday!!

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