Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With just a few little changes, I have a new Tablescape this week!

As I always say- "this week's Tablescape is my favorite"- I really like many of my tables so much that I keep them up for a couple of weeks. Last week's was no exception- I really liked it! BUT- I wanted to share a few new things that my sister Tammy found for me. Like I have said before- I just started collecting the Ironstone (Snowwhite mostly) and without her Eagle-Eye (and love for thrift store shopping which is worse better than my thrift store obsession) I certainly wouldn't have much of a collection. She found my new sugar and creamer, 2 platters, 3 square dessert plates, that I wanted to add to this Tablescape. She also gave me some flower napkin rings that I added. Just below is this week's Tablescape- the last picture is last week's rendition- so you can see that this week's is a "new" Tablescape! Be sure and join everyone at Between Naps on the Porch for more Tablescaping fun! Thanks, Susan for hosting us every week. I so enjoy it!

It is not a Nana's tablescape without candles!
I LOVE the sugar and creamer!! So Awesome!

Here is the "new" setting with the super cute dessert plate under the bowl.

I switched out the crystal candlestick for the hurricane lamps (found them for $3 each at Michaels).

The flowers are just some silk ones from the dollar store that I put in a pitcher- they look pretty good!

I just placed the napkin rings inside the glass with the napkins- it works!

My sister found these beautiful large platters too-(I was so glad- she had found a platter before that ended up slipping onto the floor and breaking into a zillion pieces). Bill from Affordable Accoutrements , who got me started on this collection (loved a table he had done), says it is better to risk breaking a piece here and there than to not use it and have a perfect set when we die! I think that is a good word! Why are we saving stuff? Why do we have "good China"- what the heck- get it out and use it!
Here is last week's table- as you can see- a few changes makes a whole new table!

Have a great week and please drop me a line so I can visit you too!!



Allison Shops said...

What pretty dishes. White is so classic and you'll never tire of it! Dropping by from BNOTP.


Tammy said...

This Revised tablescape is beautiful - the square plates really make the setting! So lucky to have found the sugar and creamer...

Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, you DO have a great collection started! I love, love, love white dishes. I don't think I've seen this pattern is years! My mom had some similar to this in the 60's. Oh, such nice memories it brings back.

Kathleen said...

That looks so pretty! Love your new addition.
Happy Mother's Day!

coloradogal said...

So gorgeous. I have these dishes as well. Love the flowers and candlelight--am going to do that as well--thank you!


Hello, Your table is so beautiful, I would leave it for weeks as well. I love how you changed it out and made it so different. Your flowers and candle light is so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Very pretty, I like the napkins/rings in the glasses!

Allie and Pattie said...

LOVE it! And that is one gorgeous little angel in your header pic!
xoxo Pattie


Hi, I just wanted to stop by again and say "HI"! Thank you for your visiting and for leaving your sweet comment on my Vintage Thingies Thursday, Photo Collage....

Miss Merry said...

Very pretty table - both times. I enjoyed seeing the 1st and 2nd. Just adding a changing a few things makes for a whole new view! Great job.

Katherine said...

Your table looks beautiful. White is my new favorite color. I'm so pleased I found your site. Thanks for the inspiration.