Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Shopping Day!

Yesterday, I had a $5 off $50 purchase coupon to use at Publix (it was a competitor's coupon that is in the paper almost every week) and a $50 rebate card from T-Mobile, so armed with my other coupons- I was off to good old Publix. (I also love their BOGO dealios)I was determined not to go over $50. Well, the total was $56 before coupons, so not too bad and the GRAND total was $39! This was a time to buy my stock up items, not my "we are going to eat this this week" stuff. I figured this was the best way to get the most of my rebate card.(My husband calls me a hoarder, but we all know, I am just a stockpiler!)

I bought 2 cans of tuna, 8 pk Brawny paper towels, 2 types of toilet paper,(I hate, hate, hate running out of tp or pt!) 2-Swiffer dusting spray (coupon was BOGO), batteries, baby wipes (grandson),2 loaves of bread, Bon-Ami,Soft scrub toilet cleaner (it sprays upside down- it is awesome!),Listerine,and I think that is it- receipt is in my car and I don't feel like going out to get it. So when you think of it that is a bunch of nothing, but all stuff I use! There were only a couple things that I didn't have a coupon for and I didn't see any good BOGO dealies for me this week, so it was off to Target.

Our Target is a Super Target and though I have been there several times of course- we are now making the switch from Wally World to Target- our WW has gone downhill and I like the Target deals I see. I was in the other day and they had a laundry deal purchase you get a $5 gift card, ok, I had a coupon for both the necessary items and I use both, so hey! Then at check out I got a coupon for tp and a $10 coupon for a new or transferred presc, so my hubby had one to fill, so we went there. So NOW I have more coupons and $15 in Target gift cards.(Plus the presc was $35 cheaper than we had gotten it before! Yeah!) I had a coupon for a shaver get a free body wash, then noticed if I bought another razor (which hubby needed) I would get another $5 gift card- and I bought a few toiletry items I thought would be cheaper there than Publix- I wasn't always right with that idea. My coffee was on sale $1 cheaper than Publix so I got one of those (with a $1 off future purchase). So I saved about $25 on this trip- BUT word of warning- I looked at my receipt and I had 3 items that the coupon did not show up on. This has happened to me before too. I need to be more watchful, either I dropped some coupons on my journey through the store or the cashier did (and this one surely wouldn't have bent over to pick them up )I did find one coupon in the bottom of my purse, so I took it back in the store and got that cash back and just returned the other 2 items (a BOGO deal that I will wait to get another coupon for). So total trip- I bought $138 worth of stuff for $56- not too shabby. I still have yet to get $200 worth of stuff for $12 yet, but who knows. I don't do online coupons and I don't buy a lot of processed boxed food or cereals or frozen stuff, but I try real hard to get everything BOGO or with a coupon or with both or buy in bulk at Costco if I can. It is a game, in a way, and it is fun getting the lowest price you can for stuff you regularly use!

PS- Hubby used my $5 gift card today and bought me a 4GB SD card for my camera for $10-$5 gift card= $5!!! Not bad, now I don't feel so bad about having to spend $27 on my last one at Disney World because I forgot to get it out of my computer before we went!)

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