Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday!

Hi Everyone!

It was funny, this morning I thought what am I going to make for dinner tonight? Oh, wait! I forgot to sit and do my menu! I realized how nice it was to have a plan, even if I veered from it a night or two! Also, I sat down tonight and I am going to make a month long shopping list. We have spent so much money running to the store for this or that even after grocery shopping! It is annoying! So I am working on my master list! I bet I could save a small fortune- will let you know how this experiment works.

Here is what is on the Menu for this week!

Monday- Lasagna (made from Spaghetti sauce I crock potted last week)
Tuesday- Cobb Salad (this is a Tuesday constant- I work part time at a restaurant and I make one before I leave every Tuesday!)
Wednesday- hamburgers and homemade french fries
Thursday- Beans and rice
Friday- Tilapia or Shrimp
Saturday-steak or tacos
Sunday-I am making quiche for brunch, eating at a relative's for dinner! Happy Easter! He is Risen! Alleluia!

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