Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catholic or Christian?

Today, I went to one of my favorite places- Chick-Fil-A- even though I am kinda leaning toward vegetarianism/veganism- I am hooked on chicken nuggets- thanks to my daughter! So, I ordered my usual (well, I don't eat nuggets but once a week- so that my meat intake is less than 5% of what I eat!) which is their sweet tea- yes- they make the best- and I milk it for all it is worth- I get refills during my stay at the mall- I love going to our mall- I do all my pics there at Ritz (only place I will go for my Nana pics), get my nails done, eat at the food court, walk, get Pandora- there is always something to do there.
Anyway, I order my tea and the girl that waited on me(who knows me as a regular!)asked me what church I go to- that took me by surprise- umm, is my scapular showing or something? I said "oh, St. Cecelia". She said, "Oh". Then after retrieving my bendy straw for me (gotta have a bendy straw!)she said, "Is that aCatholic or Christian Church?" Whoa! I said, "it is Catholic Christian!" As soon as I heard the question, I knew I had a subject for the 'ol blogaroo- set up the soapbox people, I am getting ready to preach.
Ok, as you may know, I am a Catholic convert. I was Protestant for 44 years of my life- 20 of those very active at my former church, where I was employed- having 3 different positions at different times, where my babies were born and raised and which I truly did love with all my heart. I did not become Catholic on a whim. I did a lot of research and KNEW it was where the Lord wanted me. I view my old church very lovingly along with all my good friends, who are still there. I did not become Catholic to denounce my Christianity, but too embrace it even more. CATHOLICS ARE CHRISTIANS!!! Jesus started the Catholic Church. (Do you know what the word 'Catholic' means? Universal- ONE!!Jesus started one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It makes so much sense to me.) I am not a Theologian, but it didn't take long for me to realize that the Catholic Church has the real fullness of the Christian faith. It is beautiful, peaceful, loving... I have been Catholic for 9 years now and everyday- everyday I say to myself- I love being Catholic. (Do you know what the word Protestant means? To protest the Catholic Church- when I found that out, it was like Protesting the church Jesus started- ugh! Did I really want to do that? AND the Protestant Church was mainly started because the King of England wanted a divorce!) I will have to admit that I always had a problem with the whole "born again" wording and the "saved" references. Don't get me wrong- everyone needs to recognize their need for salvation, but the Catholic terminology and belief really makes more sense, at least to me. But that is topic for another blog.

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