Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today, Grampy (HUBS) and I made a little visit to see our new grand-daughter who went home from the hospital yesterday. It amazes me that after major surgery like a C-section, that my daughter went home in 2 days- I had 3 C-sections myself and was always in the hospital for 4-5 days- with my first I was there 6 days after surgery!! She would have gone home the next day if they would have allowed her.
Our little Princess has taken to the paci with no problem and with no Paci pusher (me) intervention. With JR I think Little Mama wasn't so sure she wanted him to have one, but one day, Nana took care of it and it was his (and her) best friend- he just unwillingly gave it up on his 3rd birthday, but it wasn't too traumatic and he hasn't gone after Lil Princess' paci - yet! I guess pacifiers are kinda controversial, but I LOVE 'EM! They soothe, help prevent nasty things going in the mouth and they help fight SIDS- which I just learned. Little Mama had one until she was 3 and her teeth look like she had braces and my oldest who just had a paci for a month or so (she wore out one and then I couldn't find a suitable replacement ;~( ) and she needed braces, so I don't buy that argument. My dear friend has 11 children and she said the ones who took a paci were her easiest, happiest babies- so that is all the ammo I need for PACI POWER! Whoops, kinda went on a Paci tangent, but oh, well- my blog!! ;~)

Of course I took a lot of pictures- having a great time with Miss Mac!

It always amazes me the awesome gizmos and gadgets that a baby (mom) has these days! I always tell Little Mama that I would have killed for certain things that she has. Look at the Princess' Nursery- I love it- so regal so beautiful, so Royal, don't you think? (Well, I have been thinking of using real names from now on, so I guess I will!)
 Her Auntie T made the letters:

Definitely would have killed for this:


Love the Crown rug!

I found this at an after Valentines Day sale at Michaels- they only had one, so I knew it had to go in Gracie's nursery.


There is Gracie's first Minnie Mouse (gotta get her started on the Minnie obsession like Nana!) that I brought her in the hospital and the diaper (cup)cake that I made her for the shower (she still has JR's! so I learned to use the cheapest diapers!)

Such a pretty Princess Nursery!
Grampy time!


She is eating like a champ!

Grampy LOVED the extra JR time!

Johnny started this in the hospital- plugging his ears when Gracie was crying!

So cute!

Grampy kept kissing him, leaning his head back and kissing him again- Johnny then pulled his head down for more kisses.

Now this is sooooo adorable- he had to put on his Thomas the Train rainboots!
Grampy and Johnny threw the ball back and forth.


It might have been my imagination, but I swear Johnny was a little more photographically available for Nana today- (remember the cute smiley ear-plugging pic above?) wish this one was a little better in focus.

It was such a nice day- blessings galore!

Life is good!
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