Thursday, March 15, 2012

A week before my Granddaughter arrives!!

Well, it is 6 days (well 5.5 now) until my daughter is scheduled for her C-section- Tuesday night she was having a time with some nasty contractions so she kinda freaked out a bit and went to the doctor to make sure they wouldn't want to do the surgery early if she was truly in labor. They sent her home and we just hung out at the house and took a slew of pictures (contractions went away)- my other daughter (Mrs D)came up with SJ since they are on Spring Break from school this week. Little Mama got a new camera for Christmas- I got Miss Mac about 2 weeks ago and Mrs. D bought my old camera (which is just a year old) so we went a bit crazy and had a blast taking pictures. Here for your viewing pleasure are some of the hundreds:

SJ and JR playing fish

they played for quite awhile with the sand and water..

Like Mother like daughter like sister...

Little Mama is READY- not so sure about JR

Grampy and SJ- best buds!

Baby Boy (BB) and his girlfriend JP. 


Little Mama told Steven to make this face, because I had reached my allowed picture quota of him!! NOT!!

The peanuts kept JR busy for quite awhile.
It won't be long and I will be holding my first granddaughter! So unbelievable! We are thanking God and are humbled at all His precious gifts to us- we are so undeserving.


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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Your first granddaughter - how exciting! I'll bet you cannot wait!