Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out and about with Miss Mac

I took Miss Mac (AKA my new Mac Daddy camera) out a few times over the weekend and then finally to JR's today- sorry there are so many of JR, but I had a great time playing with the settings on my camera and he is one of my favorite subjects.

We visited a couple Farmer's Markets in our area

This is a live person acting as a statue- pretty interesting. The "little girl" is a doll- umm, a real doll not a real girl. ;~)

I am trying pretty hard to become vegetarian/veganish and I had this for lunch- funky looking but delicious! Portabella mushrooms and tomatoes with carmelized onions and feta (that I didn't eat) and cole slaw, which I did.

Quite by surprise,we met up with our Nephew and his wife along with our great nephew and great niece.

Her lips got blue from the Italian Ice. 

One time our little niece here called my hubs "the Uncle who loves me". Hubs is a real kid whisperer. He loves it!

Now don't laugh too hard, but I took this on my daughter's street, from the car!

and this one too-

JR loves playing with his trucks and trains on the floor.

He was ready to go outside!!

Playing with his water table. 

He doesn't have enough toys so he was playing with empty water bottles.

I was practicing really hard to get the background blurred- 

Ok, ok, you know you can't stop looking at your grandkids pictures either!

I just happened to snap a pic of his tootsies- couldn't resist!
 he was chasing bubbles in this one too, but no bubbles made it in the picture- oh, wait, there is a tiny one- you see it??
 What's cooking, Bubba? (that is what I called my son when he was little too!)

I had a lot of fun! This camera is awesome!!! I am so thankful I was able to get it!

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