Friday, August 26, 2011

Awesome Couponing!

My sister, Tammy was in town, so it was a given that we would do two things. 1) Thrift store shopping and 2)Publix and/or CVS shopping- sooo we did all of the above! At the thrift stores she was looking for some household and other stuff for her boys' house. (As it turns out, it is my boy's house too- they are going to rent it together- that will be some good fodder for other posts). Anyhoo, I didn't need a thing at the thrift stores, but I did find a cute Halloween sign and a lid for a pyrex dish that I have been looking for. Tammy is the CVS diva and turned me on to this lipstick that she swears stays on even overnight, as it so happens, it had the CVS extra bucks too, so on sale, $1 off coupon and $5 extra bucks AND it stays on all day and apparently all night too? Gotta try it. So I did the first deal, and bought a 2nd tube with the $5 ECBs and another $1 off coupon and low and behold, I got another $5 ECB which was a surprise- don't know how that happened, but I don't question these things to the authorities! I also bought hubs Buy 2 get one free candy bars. On to the next conquest at the neighboring Publix. I did soooo good! I bought 4 boxes of Advil, 2 loaves of bread, 6 soft scrub cleansers, a container of yogurt, half a gallon of milk- I had a grand total of $28 in coupons and had just $8.61 out of pocket. I was so happy! It is the little things in life. After we got everything all unloaded, my son says, "Mom, we want in". Meaning he and his cousins want to learn the couponing life!!! (He has been the happy recipient of many a bottle of laundry detergent, body wash and toothbrush!) It is so awesome when our kids "get it". (Little Mama and Mrs. D (daughters) already are on the coupon wagon! My son told me tonight- "look at all the people you helped get started on couponing!" Well, I am not an extreme couponer, per se,(maybe to some people) but I hold my own and have a couple of good stash areas full of half price to free items! I forgot to mention that before my sister came over, I went to the mall and cashed in on some other freebies. It was a good day!! I will let you know if the lipstick stayed on overnight!!!

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