Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have always used coupons to some degree and in the last 8 months took the couponing to the next level. NOT the Extreme level, just maybe extreme compared to the majority of the nation. Yes, I did take a couponing class back in February with a local blogger/couponer- Addicted to Saving. It was very informational. I had already set up my coupon binder and was buying a few extra newspapers. Then along comes that show on TLC.  I am not sure that showed couponers in a positive light. I get stopped quite often by other shoppers wondering about couponing. I know most people don't coupon or they wouldn't be so miffed when they are standing behind me in line.

My main objective is to get my groceries for a least half off. I have had several good deals. Just this past weekend I got 4 bottles of Resolve for free with a .60 overage (store credit). The bottles were BOGO at Publix and they all had a .65 off coupon. Today, I bought 3 bottles of Air Wick refill sprays- they were on sale for almost half off and I had a Buy 2 get one free paired with 2 $1 off , making them $2 each, not including the $5 off my $30 purchase.

The deals are out there, it just takes some time to get it all organized, but the savings are worth it

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