Monday, August 29, 2011

Lipstick Update!!

Remember me telling of the awesome lipstick that stays on overnight? It is Revlon's Colorstay Overtime! Well- I may have looked a bit like Dracula in the morning, considering my lily white skin and no other make-up (I just got out of bed, give me a break!) or perhaps I looked like I was going "goth", but my friends, YES- it stayed on overnight. As I sit and write this- my lips are colored and I put the stuff on at 8:30am. Here is the deal- one end of the tube is the color- you paint that on (get in the lines, girls or it will look like the kindergarten version of yourself did your lips- All day- you don't want that) then the other end is a clear gloss. The gloss wears off, but this is the only thing you reapply, perhaps for 3 or 4 days? I don't know- I scrubbed it off the 2nd day I tried it to try another lighter color (it didn't seem to work as well, but that might be my fault- you have to let the stain part (colored end) dry before the gloss goes on). So this time, I will not scrub it or change it, just to see what happens. I also thought it might be a little dark for me- as I have been just wearing light gloss, but I took a vote at work and I guess it works for me. I like it a lot and it doesn't come off on your cigarettes (I don't know that by personal experience, but was told) and it doesn't come off on your coffee cup which I know to be fact and is a really nice feature! I would take a picture, but I am sitting here in my jammies and it isn't a pretty sight- well, except for maybe my lips!!!

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