Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spinach Smoothie?

Yes, SPINACH smoothie! I was skeptical at first too, but when my daughter,Little Mama, went on and on about how good they are, I decided - what the heck. So, crazily enough, I decided to go ahead take pictures! Who knew? Such a nifty subject, really. This is a real easy way to display ingredients! That is it- banana, spinach, yogurt, honey and a few ice cubes! (In the future, I will use plain yogurt and whole strawberries, but this is what I had on hand today.)

Toss it all on top of the ice cubes

Buzz it up and here ya go! Sooo icky looking!

Poured it in a cup and  in the words of Rachael Ray- "yummo"!

I just felt so healthy and green while sipping on this! What a great way to get veggies in! (Weight Watchers will love this one only 3-4 points depending on how much yogurt you use.)

Just Call Me   N a n a!

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