Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Nature Photography by Nana!

Today, Hubs and I decided to go to Ft. DeSoto Park in Tierra Verde, Florida, near St. Petersburg. As the name implies- there is a real fort there on a really beautiful beach. Nana, Nature photographer, brought along her camera and had a good time- Hubs even indulged me as I lagged behind a bit- always trying to get a good picture!! (Crazy pictures). Sometimes he even pointed out "photo ops". We had fun. (Next weekend with the Grandboys and their parents!!!) I took a few pictures, then it started to rain and we decided to eat- I was a good Weight Watcher do- bee and brought some good stuff and I won't tell you what Hubs had at the snack bar- it wasn't pretty.

This one was Hubs' idea- he is a good sport!


I don't think it is aimed quite right!
Grass covered Fort. (Bench isn't original)

These flowers were all over the place!

I didn't even notice the bee at first- lucky Nature shot for Nana!

How lucky was I to get 2, yes 2 different flowers with bees on them?? This is a close up of the above photo.

Note bird under bridge.

This is a storm coming in.

These are air hole thingys above the fort (I am sure they have a technical name).

The view from the Fort.

These air hole vent thingys fascinated me.
So did the little yellow flowers everywhere.

This water spigot cracked me up.

These were the ammo bunkers and I guess living quarters.

This is the "Data Booth"- I always thought the word Data was fairly modern, but I guess not!

These cranes were everywhere too.

We named him "Harry" after a crane that we used to have visit us when we lived on a little lake about 20 years ago.

The Sunshine Skyway doesn't look so scary from here.

Ok, these birds were really cool- scurrying  around the beach collecting I don't want to know with their long beaks- BTW these were taken FROM THE CAR!! How awesome a nature photographer am I?

This was so far away- but I saw this flock of birds going by and I tried as hard as I could to get a good picture...

Then when I blew it up I realized they were pelicans- even awesomer!

I don't know what these were- I don't think I have ever seen them before!

All in a day's nature photographing!!

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