Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tablescapes..Back in time

A few weeks ago,hubs and I went to Heritage Village- a park with turn of the 20th century homes and other structures. I had a good time taking pictures!

This first table was in a log cabin.
This was taken in the House of Seven Gables- a gorgeous 2 story- the walls are all heart of pine. (picture of house is a bit farther down.)

I am hoping someone can tell me what this is? I am thinking some sort of butter bell? Not sure.

We were told by the guide, that a wealthy family living in this home would have several sets of dishes. This one had a peacock or some other bird, therefore it was used for poultry. There were other plates decorated with fish- for eating fish!
This is the parlor were guests were received for tea.
Love the lace tablecloth!

This is the House of Seven Gables.

Another house in the park.
Pretty little church!
The day before this picture was taken, we had torrential rains and it was very muddy and puddly.
The hubs,
The House of Seven Gables had a bathroom, but I guess not all houses did back then!  (I remember having to use my great-grandmother's outhouse when I was a teen and that was waaayy after the turn of the 20th century!! 3/4 of the century had passed, thank you!)

Hubs took a pic or two of me!

We had a good time! Thought this made for a little bit different tablescape post. As always, thanks to our hostess, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for giving this tablescape party every week. Congratulations on the 155th post. I have participatedquite often since the 60th week!


JudyBug said...

I just love this! Where is it located? My gr-"granny" had an outhouse. I would hold it in until I was almost in tears. Hated that thing!

emptynester3 said...

Judy, Heritage Park is in Largo, Florida- I love to go there! I was with you- hated the outhouse!

Alycia Nichols said...

I thankfully never had to use an outhouse, but I can imagine it is all akin to the modern day Port-a-Potty...not a favorite!!! The rooms in that house are magnificent!!! Can you just imagine living in a home with all that space for entertaining??!?! Wow! The silver is gorgeous and the dishes....we ALL love dishes!!! What a fun trip for you and the Mr.!