Monday, August 29, 2011

Trash Treasure! AKA Trash Digging!

I am not above digging through the garbage when I see a nearly new (FREE) Pampered
Chef stoneware casserole dish sticking out! You know how much those babies are, right?? I love FREE! "If it is free it is for me!" is my motto! No, it wasn't icky garbage- I am not a martyr! It was "we just moved out and didn't take this with us" garbage (and a lot of it, I might add) left at the house my son is moving into with his cousins. (Yes, I am an emptynester once again.) I also scored 2 boxes of free Advil today- I used an expired coupon without realizing it, but the manager let me use it! (I should bake that sweetie some cookies!) I got a whole .02 overage, but I will take it!! So, not a bad day! Some good coupons this week, people!!!

Warning: this picture was taken from my phone! Don't ask me how I figured out how to get it here, but techno geeks like me, can figure it out, but can't explain it to anyone else! Go, me!

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