Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walmart Woes

Ok, I really, really want to love Wal-mart. I was so excited when our Wally World became a Super Store-new remodel and adding the groceries and all. Well, the happy feeling left me pretty quick. It is a HUGE store- lots of walking- which is good unless you plain don't have the time. They NEVER have enough cashiers working- NEVER! The check out process is not productive at all. The poor cashiers can't do anything fast with the way they have to bag up the groceries- and forget any help out- (I don't usually need help, but sometimes...). I tried again to become a Wally World shopper with the newly adopted price matching thing- but even that they didn't know how to do- 9 out of 10 times the cashiers did not know how to do it and apparently they were doing the procedure wrong.
I hate being negative- I really do, but my Wal-mart needs some help!

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